Our new Natural Paper

has arrived!

Our new “Natural Paper” has arrived!

Environmental protection is one of the main goals in our vision for the future of Tissue.
We have, therefore, embraced our group mission: to bring paper back to life, in the most natural way possible!
This has now led to our “Natural Paper”.

Zero Waste

Offcuts and Waste are turned
into Tissue products

World Cart is part of the Pro-Gest Group, Europe’s third biggest producer of recycled packaging. Thanks to this synergy, we give paper a second, even a third life: we use the offcuts and waste coming from the tissue creping systems. We have invested in the technology used by our Group paper mill, which is why we can safely say that we have significantly reduced our environmental impact.
Our offer is based on the UN’s Agenda 2030 goals. The keywords are: climate action, life on land and life below water, sustainable cities and communities, affordable and clean energy.

Our approach is mainly based on Zero Waste: we bring paper back to life.

Carta Naturale Zero Waste
Zero Waste

Our Natural Paper

No Bleaching, No chemical agents.
Natural paper is a unique and individual product. Its colour varies depends on the materials used.

Paper from 100% recycled materials
No bleach
No dye

We use nothing that may harm man or Nature.

Our Natural Paper

We give Plastic a Second Life

A second life means Zero Waste and PSV plastic packaging.

We choose Sustainable Packaging

We have developed a product that guarantees 100% Zero Waste. We promote sustainable consumption and production. This is part of our company’s Cultural Heritage.
Zero Waste means we produce no waste thanks to our tailored production cycle.

PSV packaging means using certified “second life” plastics.
We are fully committed to environmental protection and the use of sustainable “Regenerated” packaging.

Una Seconda Vita alla Plastica

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